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Real estate sales Saddle River, Bergen County New Jersey 07642.
Houses sold in Saddle River between 2003 and 2009
Source : NJMLS, deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Includes all broker transactions.
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Saddle River Homes sales comparison between 2003 to 2009 shows
declines in all categories. Although the monthly data which is more
sensitive is showing the 12  moving average turning up, on a strictly yearly
basis it is lower.

Sales volume is off about 70 percent from 2005 peak. Median price and
unit sales are at 7 year lows. It looks like 2010 can turn up with the short
indicators, I hope it is so.
Saddle River Sales Volume Yearly NJMLS
Saddle River Average Sales Price Yearly NJMLS
Saddle River Median Sales Price Yearly NJMLS
Saddle River Home Sales Yearly NJMLS
Year        Units    Sales Volume          Average list       Average Sale     Median Sale

2003        53        $98,653,000         $1,984,404         $1,861,377         $1,680,000
2004        51        $100,075,300       $2,048,977         $1,962,261         $1,700,000
2005        53        $128,042,315       $2,613,374         $2,415,893         $1,895,000
2006        44        $103,354,377       $2,583,064         $2,348,963         $1,897,500
2007        36        $85,322,000         $2,626,994         $2,370,056         $2,175,000
2008        26        $76,579,999         $3,348,500         $2,945,385         $2,137,500
2009        18        $33,306,212         $2,442,556         $1,850,345         $1,498,356

Saddle River Sales Statistics

In February report we said "Saddle River home sales, 12 month moving average is turning
up in most categories. The decline in prices have brought the buyers back after a large
drop in volume and price. This spring will hopefully bring a pickup in the luxury market.
Jumbo financing and a more conservative buyer has impacted the high end markets.
For our April end report, Saddle River displays lower pricing but has hit a unit sales
volume tying June, 2006 with 7 sales. Much lower prices and lower priced homes are
selling verses the higher priced homes.
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Saddle River Homes Sales Volume Monthly NJMLS
Saddle River Homes Average Sale Price Monthly NJMLS
Saddle River Median Home Sales Price Monthly NJMLS
Saddle River Homes Units Sold Monthly NJMLS