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River Vale Real Estate Market Analysis
First 10 months of 2008
A study of sales data for River Vale real estate market reflects a clear
disparity to the overall real estate market reports through out the country.
The following charts show that River Vale sales volume and price
declines are significantly less then the declines around the nation. Many
areas have reported price drops well in excess of 35% year over year
and much more from the highs in 2005-2006 area. Some areas such as
southern California has dropped precipitously and has had as much as
45% of all sales being foreclosures. These areas have actual seen units
volume rise, at significantly lower sale prices.

River Vale has softened, but not nearly as much. Please note the 2008
data is only for 10 months. I would estimate 2008 volume to be about
$70,000,000 by years end. The data includes homes and
condominiums.  Also understand average price is also affected by unit
sales mix. Meaning, more high priced houses rather then condos selling
in a period, would raise the average.

Average sales price has only fell about 10% from the top year.*  Median
sale price has fallen even less than 10%.
Data source Bergen County close sales parsed for sales which by value
were not arms length, 0 value, or under nominal value. Care has been
taken to eliminate commercial sales, but some may be included in the

The second set of charts, are from NJMLS data of all broker sales. They
also reflect a moderate decline very similar to county data.

Overall it should also be understood that these are yearly averages. This
type of comparison would more likely then not reflect less of a loss due
to data averaged over the 12 month periods. My estimation is to add
about 4-6% to the average sales price decline. This would put it from top
price, to current, at about 16%.  This data is presented to create a
comparison, do your own diligence if you are making a market decision.


Sales Volume

Average list

Average Sale

Median Sale

Residential house sales only.
River Vale 2008 full year sales comparison for 2003 to 2008 New
Jersey Multiple Listing statistic for all Broker sales.

Overall sales dollar volume has declined 28.84% while average
sales price only shows a 9.53% decline. The median price decline
11.49%. Unit sales volume is off by 24.46% from the top.

These are yearly averaged figures. They do not reflect actual highest
price or lowest. Therefore the true high and true low would have a
wider spread than evident here.

It is evident that River Vale has faired much better than many parts of
the country as to real estate values.
Sales Data NJMLS all Broker
Transactions 2003 to 2008 River
Vale Houses sold.
New Jersey Multiple Listing Service

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River Vale residential home sales real estate market has diverged
from last years lows.  Sales volume is significantly off from the peak in
2007.  The Lows are holding and higher lows seem to have formed.
This condition could be the beginning of a recovery this spring.
Hopefully 2009 was a year of base building for the upcoming new
decade to come. This also seems to be the case County wide.
Volume wise River Vale is lagging the County a bit, but median prices
are holding and turning up.  More of the larger homes may be ready to
sell this year as prices have come in.
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