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Manhattan Project II, Our Freedom!

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Manhattan Project II  Our Freedom
Part 2

V-8 gas Cars and SUV’s

Let us look at our mistakes. As our V8 Car or SUV get older, the miles per gallon declines. The government should give a tax deduction for junking any guzzler vehicle equal to its book value. It must be crushed.  This will allow for people who want to step up and help, to be able to help the cause of energy independence.  Remember we are spending $700,000,000 that’s 700 billion dollars to over seas producers. This step could cut that by up to 10% alone.

Let us tax the new V8 and subsidize the hybrids. The computation I showed in “Bad Oil Habit” you could read in or activerain gave a plan which could reduce oil consumption by possibly 1/3 of our use. It would not cost tax payers a single cent.

Electric cars need to be recharged. Employers must find ways to grid their parking lots to supply recharges. This will allow for immediate use of these vehicles while the batteries are not up to par yet. Shopping malls office buildings all must retool to recharge batteries.

Solar energy can be used in many ways. Commercial building should put in panels to recharge cars along with their energy needs. This will make this concept viable for the electric cars. They can recapture payments for the energy greater than the reimbursement from the utilities. Every commercial building and home can become a utility.

Homes can have panels for car recharge. Most homes can have enough clear area to put a few panels to recharge the batteries.  This will, along with the utility company, provide the necessary power at a clean renewable basis.

Each part helps. Replace light bulbs with the huge array of energy efficient bulbs.
The numbers on this is staggering. Geothermal heat and air conditioning and solar electric panels will contribute pure renewable energy.

T. Boone Pickens, (see the who is a successful business man, has step up at 80 years old to challenge us, our country to organize. To push though the necessary legislation and structure for renewable energy with wind and interim use of natural gas, to bridge us to energy independence without oil.

I applaud him no matter how he may personally profit (if he does), for taking on this battle. He shows the same sprit as he must have had to be a oil wildcatter, in the 1950’s. We need more true American pioneers.

I write about this because you see, if we fix this energy problem we will keep our wealth in this country. This will create good jobs here. This will keep capital here.
These are the things we need for our families, friends and for our real estate business to flourish. Real Estate runs on money and we are running out of money that has any value.  Please understand that the banks can’t give our customers money they don’t have. All this noise about the banking problems could work out if the funding was available. If the US dollar keeps declining from the massive hemorrhaging of our wealth, we will loose all our fathers and forefathers hard work and fighting to preserve our freedom. Make no mistake about it, this cause is about our freedom.

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Oil gets grease!

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Oil gets greased and my blog hit the high right on the day.

If you read, ”Could Oil be in for a greasing? “, Posted on 10:29pm on 07/10/2008.

The next morning, 7/11/2008, crude oil near by contract, peaked at 10 am over $147.00 a barrel. Crude Oil traded this morning 7/15/2008 @ $136.00. This is an $11.00 spread.

The best on Wall Street were the other way.

The Psychology is happening.


Richard   Foot in mouth


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Could Oil be in for a greasing?

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

The extremes hit in oil has cause reason to believe that the black gold has hit a point of over done. I think that we are in for a consolidation in price, maybe down to the $75 range.  The high prices are laying on our economy and people are reconsidering how they live with this foreign invader of our wealth.  We are up to $700,000,000,000 a year of our dollars fleeing the USA to places a far. And it must stop. T. Boone Pickens is offering a plan to consider in the next 10 days or so. It will include wind and natural gas to fight back with domestically produced energy. I am happy that someone with the where with all, is working on ideas to move us in the right direction. To find a direction with energy independence and freedom from foreign oil producers, who are receiving the biggest transfer of wealth ever. We need people who are committed and passionate about this country and the future of there children.

We must stay with finding a better source of energy, no matter what the cost. What ever it is it won’t be greater than 700 billion dollars a year!

In the short term technical consideration are leading to a short term decline in oil prices over the next 6 months or so. Let’s not go to sleep. We most continue to put this problem away for ever.



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Save Our Country, Save Our World

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

            Save our Country, save our world.


Part 1                   


In, “A Bad Oil Habit” blog (you can read it at I spoke of something good coming out of high oil prices. The good is that we are finally waking up to getting off of oil. We are addicted to oil. It is devastating us right now. We are spending hundreds of billions of dollars on imported oil.  We are going to go broke on a national basis if it continues. We must get together as a nation and solve the problem fast. I have spent much time looking at the ways to solve problems such as this; how we as a nation in the past have solved problems which threaten us.


Let’s first review what the problem is. Oil is a hydrocarbon and is a major component to global warming. It also has social and political powers. Oil has brought great wealth to the Mideast, Russia, Venezuela, Nigeria, and the like. All of which are not directly looking out for our best interests. Oil, has in a very odd way caused Al-Qaida to exist. The disparity of wealth in the nation that produces it and the distorted religious doctrine has brought us to war.  Our children, brothers, sisters, families and friends are fighting and dying indirectly or directly in defense of oil.  I am not saying that it oil that brought us there directly but, it is oil dollars that has added to the social evils in the Mideast to create an environment of hatred and fuel the distorted views which have prevailed and become accepted there.


The best answer here is to get off of oil. Save our environment, stop funding other countries that will most likely be involve directly or indirectly in hurting us. Stop having our kids fight a war.


To get off of oil we need to do many things. I have reviewed them and have come to the conclusion that we need to take special action to overcome the attack which is made upon us. This attack is not just a physical one, but an economic one.  The whole series of issues that surround oil are devastating.
We need a short term, mid term and long term plan to solve this dilemma. I have a proposal for all. Is it perfect? I think not. But, it seems to me it is something that will work. I will present it here. It has about 15 components. I shall present them one at the time. I also have thought about the way oil jobs here would be displaced. Also how manufacturing shifts from different product demands this would create. For example we will need electric motors and new components.


Of course conservation measures are needed for to relieve the short term somewhat.  I believe that there are many things needed to quickly resolve the oil crisis. The first is to get a better battery. This battery would power a vehicle in a reasonable way, to give it enough range to be practical. Yet, cost effective for people to buy the vehicle.


Many companies and people are working on the better battery. However, the process of inventing is such that you must make mistakes and constantly define the material and ideas until the trial and error eventually yields a success.


So, to solve a tough problem as this coordination is needed. Most are working on the same idea bases, such as lithium ion batteries. Maybe there is something we haven’t tried yet. So if for example, 1000 people are on the same process trail and it is wrong, or there are more applications that could be tried. Someone must coordinate the effort to spread out the pursuit to cover more ideas. Success will be like Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb. It took 10,000 failures to succeed.
So we need a broader rate of investigation to find and eliminate ideas to reach the goal.


So this leads us to the first step to our solution.



                                      Manhattan Project II


In order to solve our problems you need effort equal to the task. The task here I present is overwhelming.   In the past, when we faced an overwhelming task, our great minds and resources were put to bare.  No better example could be offered then the Manhattan Project.  You all know this was to design, create and test an atomic bomb. It was done under great pressure to succeed before someone else could. The US Government put together great minds and all available resources,   to solve the atomic puzzle.
We recognized the severity of the treat and met it head on with our best ability and organization skills. My point is that; we have not truly recognized the severity of the problem today and we have not dealt the proper cure to overcome it.


Step 1.
NASA is a great example of a government run operation which has proven to accomplish goals. It also overcomes great problems in engineering.
I love space, it intrigues me and many. But, weighted against our problems we face it is daunted by our needs. It is a possibility that if we had the capability to launch a man ship to Pluto, by the time they return, earth would not be the same place they left or we may not exist as they knew it when they left or may not exist at all. There is little chance we can travel anywhere in the next say 1000 years to find real life.  So why waste this resource on something of need so far away. We need to survive now to be able to play another day. This way we will maybe someday visit a planet with life. If we don’t survive the next 100 years what is the use.


I propose that NASA, with its abundance of engineers be charged with the task of solving the battery problem and creating another generation of electric motors and generating systems, along with a better solar panel.  NASA current budget is approx. 17.4 billion dollars. I say triple it. It is still a minor sacrifice compared to other things less pressing we are spending money on. You see, we must set priorities. Existence and sovereignty of our country must come first along with the general well being of its citizens. Right now outer space is out of the question.
I believe NASA can go back to operating as it has, when the treat is over.


NASA has a great core of engineering, administration and problem solving tradition. It should not work alone but create an open platform central base for corporation to continue a higher level of research and development for the battery and electric motors and solar collectors etc. They should monitor who is working on what and spread out the processes to cover more ground and reduce the duplicate effort. When the problem is solved, the solution shall be open to all
to use, to develop our future
. It should truly belong to the people, so all can benefit. NASA has made great strides in battery and energy technology in the past. They could coordinate Manhattan Project II.


Please, I am not being a dooms day caller. I am just applying the resources to do the most good for humanity and our country. You see the problems we solve here will cover great deeds. Not only oil independence, but global warming treats will be dealt a blow. Along with protecting our national security.  If the USA were a business, then we would have moved the assets a long time ago to get the best use.  Let’s get busy with our Government officials to get the job done!


Step 2-15 to follow soon





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Bad oil habit!

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

            Oil, runs it all, don’t let anyone fool you. It runs it all. Many economists say it is not the same as the 70’s. Well as you will find if you read my blog, nothing is ever exactly the same. That’s what makes it challenging to follow. Yes, it is not the same percentage of our economy as it was in the 70’s. But, it is a much greater concentration of wealth growing into the oil producer’s hands.  Estimates of 500 billion or more a year now goes to the oil producers. This blog was not meant to be political; however it is hard not to enter this arena. It is so important to all of us.

           Let us look at the notion that we would most likely not be in Iraq but for oil. And if not for oil we would not be in Afghanistan.  Not because Afghanistan has oil but because of the wealth effect of oil, it’s politics has brought enemies. I’ll leave it at that. This is really a real estate based blog.

          I think most of us will agree that there are multiple solutions to this crisis of oil. There are short term ideas and long term. I believe it has to all go together. Short term, we need government legislation, although I hate intervention in markets however, we need some fast action to reverse the tide.

        Lets put all energy consumption on a on balanced basis.
If you buy a gas guzzler, you should be taxed. The tax should be used to reduce the cost of gas efficient vehicles, hybrids, electric etc. to lower the average energy usage per vehicle. This way people can shop and  buy vehicles that they could not afford to on their own. Most people who would buy small energy efficient vehicle and don’t want the prestigious vehicles can’t afford them.

        This is kind of a trade off. You see if you just have to have the big SUV or the like, you can empower someone to get an extremely efficient vehicle to balance your needs. This concept was used in the American Civil war. One person could pay another to go to war in their stead. I know it is not the same but the concept affordability is enhancing the greater need. 

        Our vehicle fleet, if I’m not mistaken, vehicle that are 11 year old or younger account for 90 % of the vehicle miles used. Or somewhere close to it. But just for concept lets say that is true. If my rule is applied, this would, in 11 years cut energy use by 2/3 or so. 

        If a SUV getting 10 miles to a gallon subsidized a hybrid getting 55 mils to a gallon. The average would be 32.5 miles per gallon. This is a very dramatic increase. Let say the car the subsidized person would of bought, if they didn’t receive the subsidy got 25 mile to a gallon that would be an average of 17.5 mile per gallon. The net difference would be 15 miles to the gallon or about an 88% increase in economy for the average of the two vehicles.

        You can see how fast the saving would mount. And lets put more economical electric cars like the GM Volt. About a $30,000 small electric can which need some help to get it out there to reduce our average consumsion.

       This is easy to do, we just need legislative action. Write you Senator, Congressperson, Governor and anyone else who must act to force us to save ourselves.

       I’m not saying this is a perfect idea but there are few other out there.
The long term issue of renewable energy, new sources of energy and new kinds of energy must be pursued vigilantly. However my plan would put relief into place immediately and in about a year we would have made a difference. Instead of using more we would have used less.

       I personally have a hybrid mid-size SUV for almost 3 years.  I am incorporating geo thermal heat and air conditioning in my new homes along with solar electric generation and a host of energy saving ideas.  Everything is important, not to mention global warming.

       Intervention is important now. In 1973 we said it wouldn’t happen, again we learned our lesson. In 1979 we had another shot at learning. This time is different we are losing our prosperity that our fathers and grandfathers fought so hard to preserve and gave their lives for. Our system of life is being threatened. Look at the massive shift in wealth going on.        Let us do something about it. A letter could change the world. Think of our children. Do what you can do in your daily life.

A special thought for all of us,

Richard    Smile

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